EVO-1063-35S3 EVO 3" Enforcer Stage 3 07' +

SKU: EVO-1063-35S3
When EVO MFG was asked to face a challenge of designing a suspension that meets the criteria of driving a vehicle heavily on and off road for upwards of 300 miles a day, every day, from high speed pursuits on and off road to slow rock crawling in some of the most remote areas of our country, four factors were taken into upmost consideration.
1. Fatigue to occupants
2. Reliability
3. Functionality
4. Affordability
    For the challenge we deemed the EVO MFG ENFORCER Suspension package.
* We Smoothed and Balanced the Overall Ride Quality with EVO MFG Plush Coils combined with EVO SPEC (2.0” Diameter Non Reservoir or 2.5" Diameter with Reservoir) King Shocks
* Front Adjustable Lower Control Arms to correct caster angle with EVO MFG onVehicle Adjusters / Stage 2 includes in addition Rear Adjustable Upper Control Arms to adjust pinion angle/ Stage3 includes all 8 Adjustable Control arms for full suspension tuning.
* Rear Roll Center correction trackbar bracket
* Brake line extensions
* Front and Rear Bump stop Extension to clear 35" Tires, 37" clearance available
* Optional EVO MFG HD Swaybar Endlinks
* All necessary hardware included
* Please specify if you would like the 35” tire or 37” tire clearance package.
* Cutting and grinding is required to complete the installation of the rear roll center correction trackbar bracket.
* Wheel spacers or aftermarket wheels are required for a complete installation
* Aftermarket CV drivelines are recommended

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