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    The USA Flag zips on to any size sleeve. Forever Wave is the only patent pending interchangeable flag system for Roll Bars, CB Antennas, ATV's Golf Carts, Boats, and More!. The system consists of two parts: the sleeve and the interchangeable flags that attach to it.

    • The sleeve attaches to a bar or post and the flags zip on/off the sleeve.
    • Each flag has a zipper attached that matches up with the zipper on the sleeve.
    • This allows you to swap out different flags as often as you like.
    • Made in the USA
    • This high quality USA flag has Embroidered Stars and Sewn Stripes*

    *The Sleeves and Flages are Sold Separately*
    The flag sleeve is made of marine grade outdoor mesh, sewn with UV protected outdoor thread. The flags are mostly outdoor nylon. The zippers are heavy duty marine grade. This product is built to last and can withstand wind and outdoor elements. Most of the flags measure 12x18 Inch unless specified.


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