Jeep Tire Deflator TNT Customs
  • Jeep Tire Deflator TNT Customs

    Product Description: 

    Quickly getting to the best tire pressure for Jeep Wrangler off-roading or daily driving can now be as simple as running our 2WayAir quick-connect tire whips between each tire valve and an installed system connection point in the wheel well, then flipping a switch on the 2WayAir base unit under the hood. Next is to just sit back until the tires reach a preset inflation pressure for the road or deflate to a desired off-roading level.

    2WayAir a logical rethink of tire pressure management that simultaneously inflates or deflates all tires on a vehicle to the same pressure at the same time.
    2WayAir eliminates the time and hassle 4X4 owners face airing each tire up or down one at a time when they start and finish off-roading, especially when dealing with oversized off road tires.
    Popping the tire whips off to get ready to roll is also a snap. With 2WayAir anyone can air down 35 inch tires from 35 psi to 8 psi in 6 minutes.

    • Eliminate Time and hassle when airing tires
    • 35 psi to 8 psi in 6 minutes
    • Easy installation
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