TeraFlex Front Dual Rate S/T Sway Bar Kit

TeraFlex Front Dual Rate S/T Sway Bar Kit

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    Technical Details
    Fits 2007 to 2016 JK Wrangler, Rubicon and Unlimited
    2 and 4-door models
    With 4-6" lift
    Includes swaybar links and hardware
    Wheels must have 4” or less backspacing
    2012+ JKs - Need the vacuum pump relocation kit
    Features several link mounting points to fine tune the torsion rate
    The TeraFlex Forged Dual Rate S/T Swaybar System is the most advanced manual swaybar disconnect systems available. With its easy engagement knob you can go from street to trail in seconds - literally! The Dual Rate S/T Swaybar System gives you the best of both worlds. Engaged in the ‘street’ position, the bar delivers a safer more stable highway drive. Disconnected in the ‘trail’ position, it allows your vehicle to articulate and your tires to bite despite the terrain with balanced suspension travel. The Dual Rate features two torsion bars, one for heavy duty highway handling and one tuned for off-road articulation. The "Trail" setting offers some resistance but just enough to limit excessive body roll when maneuvering off camber and side hill situations. It also helps to maintain and keep the vehicle’s center of gravity constant by keeping the vehicle weight distributed evenly.
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