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Covid-19 Information

For your protection our establishment is making the following accommodations due to covid-19.  

*Contactless service upon request (Please call ahead to establish contactless service 970-499-7919)

*Regular sanitation of common areas such as the waiting/room show floor.  (Shop spaces are reserved for employee use)

*Sanitation supplies upon entering our facility

*Medical facemasks (Not guaranteed to prevent covid-19 as stated by mask manufacturer)

*Limited in person contact in common areas (reduced indoor waiting room to one guest at a time, please plan accordingly) 

*Installation of Air Filtration system with Anti-Viral grade filtration 

*Outdoor waiting area when weather allows

*Outdoor meetings with staff to discuss vehicle projects when weather allows. 

With all of these accommodations, it is expected that our clients assess their risk levels and take measures to protect their own health.   If you have concerns about entering the facility, we have made it easy to reduce contact with our contactless service and sanitization process.  Please do not enter our establishment if you are experiencing any covid-19 related symptoms or feel ill.  

State of Colorado has issued an executive order requiring facemasks in public areas in the State of Colorado.  If you enter our business without one, our establishment will not violate HIPPA and will assume you have a medical condition that prohibits you from wearing a mask.  

Do you require contactless service? Available upon request. 

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